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Even the most basic data is not readily available for many product markets in the Arab world, especially for companies outside the narrow field of consumer products.

IMES Consulting uses a research approach which is proven across a wide range of sectors to deliver comprehensive and accurate information. It is properly defined as “stochastic and iterative” – or put more simply, we keep asking questions until we’re confident of the answers.

Whatever the market, and whatever the country, this approach can answer questions such as:

  • How big is the market?
  • How fast is it growing?
  • Who are the main suppliers?
  • What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Who are the main customers?
  • What are their buying processes and criteria?
  • What is the price structure and levels of margin?
  • What is the distribution structure?
  • What is the opportunity and how can it be exploited?

Insights are obtained through primary discussions with the key market participants themselves – manufacturers, importers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, Government departments, trade associations etc. All data is of course cross-checked and analysed against secondary sources such as official statistics and trade press articles.

Some of the key sectors in which we have successfully used this approach: [Click to see project examples.]

  • food and beverages
  • other fast moving consumer goods
  • packaging
  • clothing and textiles
  • consumer durables
  • food service
  • retailing
  • the service sector
  • building and decorative materials
  • industrial products

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New Research update as of December 2020

The second half of 2020 has been a busy time for IMES Consulting in terms of both research and consulting.

New market reports on Dairy Products, Poultry Products & Industry, Fruit & Veg and Juices have been published.  The major focus of these reports is the Saudi Arabia market, the largest in the GCC – but all reports also include a GCC Overview by country.

Fruit & Veg has been an interesting new market report initiative.

Vision 2030 in Saudi has called for a major uplift in fruit and veg production and marketing. This uplift will involve major new investments to allow for the market gap to be bridged. New terms such as AgTech, Foodtech, retractable roofed glasshouses, IoT solutions, have all come to the fore.

We are pleasantly surprised at the level of interest in poultry at the present time.

Once again, poultry has been identified in Vision 2030 as a major focus. The fact that a Saudi company, such as Almarai, has now put together a SAR2.4+ Billion annual revenue poultry business with attractive profitability, has encouraged other food producers to look at this sector with fresh eyes.

IMES Consulting can help here.

Dairy remain a huge product sector, a real GCC food production success story, although future growth rates are likely to be a bit lower than has been the norm.

This will require marketers to remain alert and to continue to add value to their customer propositions. Examples of innovation, such as Greek Yoghurt have been very welcome. Processed Cheese has remained a star in the portfolio and is likely to continue to grow robustly.

Juices has seen a very challenging time in 2019 & 2020.

The introduction of a Sugar Tax & VAT increases has resulted in higher consumer prices and some concerns about the veracity of some consumer offerings. Once again innovation and nimbleness is needed to add value to consumer offerings.    

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Brendan Nolan, Managing Director, IMES Consulting



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IMES publishes a series of highly detailed market studies which are available for purchase; a full list is below.
Studies on Dairy and Soft Drinks in Arab markets (plus Iran) are usually updated annually.
Studies on other topics are published from time to time

View a sample report

1.  Report Coverage of the Dairy Market in Saudi Arabia & GCC Dairy Overview September 2019

2. The Saudi Dairy Market Report September 2019

3. Report Coverage of the Poultry Market in Saudi Arabia & GCC Poultry Overview August 2019

4. The Saudi Poultry Market Report August 2019

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On receipt of payment, reports are despatched by e-mail in pdf format. Note that we apply the following discounts:

a) 15% discount on combined orders of 2 to 5 reports 
b) 20% discount on combined orders of 6 to 10 reports 
c) 25% discount on combined orders of >11 reports



Start-Up Meeting

  • Client’s in-house information
  • Retail Audit Information
  • Previous analyses  conducted in these product areas
  • Useful contacts
  • Other relevant internally-generated information

Desk Research

  • All information held by IMES as a result of relevant previous assignment and market publications
  • All relevant IMES sector analyses in each of the territories covered
  • All relevant official information and trade statistics available, as well as analyses from other research agencies (e.g. BMI, TNS, EIU,  MEED, Gartner, Nielsen, Zawya, Datamonitor, Canadean)


  • Meet with high-level managers in key industry players in each product category in KSA, the GCC & the wider MENA region
  • Meet with key processors, retailers, HORECA, ingredients importers and distributors
  • Meet with relevant personnel and distributors
  • Meet with commentators, analysts and relevant trade associations in KSA, the GCC & the wider MENA region

Analysis & Reporting

  • Collate and analyse all primary and secondary information into a coherent datasets and spreadsheets
  • Produce a series of strategy development  reports in PowerPoint format

Workshops & Implications for Clients & Stakeholders

  • IMES will prepare and conduct a Workshop to go through the reports and the collected datasets and spreadsheets
  • The key output of this phase will be a strategy report that will outline how to proceed


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