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Research & Consulting update as of November 2022
The second half of 2022 has been a busy time for IMES Consulting in terms of research, advisory and consulting.
New market reports on Dairy Products and Poultry Products & Industry have been published. The major focus of these reports is the Saudi Arabia market, the largest in the GCC – but all reports also include a GCC Overview by country.
Poultry remains as a major focus given the amount of investment taking place and the central role to be delivered by poultry in achieving Vision 2030 self-sufficiency objectives. Our poultry work has seen us move beyond the GCC in 2022. Prominent MENA markets such as Egypt, Iraq and Jordan have been assessed for European clients.
Vision 2030 in Saudi has called for a major uplift in fruit and veg production and marketing. This uplift will involve major new investments to allow for the market gap to be bridged. New areas such as AgTech, Foodtech, retractable roofed glasshouses, Vertical Farming, IoT solutions have all figured.
Dairy remain a huge product sector, a real GCC food production success story, although future growth rates are likely to be a bit lower than has been the norm.
This will require marketers to remain alert and to continue to add value to their customer propositions. Examples of innovation, such as Greek Yoghurt, non-dairy based milks and protein drinks have been very welcome. Processed Cheeses has remained a star and is likely to continue to grow robustly.
Red Meat processing is a relatively new area of activity for us. Beef & Sheepmeat, along with cured products and cold-cuts have all been assessed for a variety of clients.
We have worked in Saudi, UAE and east Africa in the current year.
Leisure & Entertainment has become a significant focus for IMES. Family Entertainment Centres (FECs), Casual Dining, Foodtainment, sports & cultural based attractions, desert camps, mountain retreats and urban boutique hotels have all figure prominently in our work in 2022 in the GCC.
Our Advisory focus has been on AgTech & Entertainment investments for some of our financial sector clients.
Route-to-market solutions along with technical, financial and overall feasibility has seen IMES conduct several Due Diligence and Business Planning processes.
Brendan Nolan, Managing Director, IMES Consulting
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